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I have been a freelance artist and illustrator for many years. Using a variety of techniques, ranging from digital to traditional hand drawings, bringing charming characters to life.

Since 2002, I have enjoyed bringing multiple mediums together to create fun and interesting artwork. My portfolio includes many corporate projects for business purposes, as well as working with screen printers and metal craft. From illustration and mural painting to logo design and packaging, I've had my hand in almost every artistic medium.

Originally from Idaho, I have spent almost two decades traveling the world with my family. We have enjoyed exploring 34 US States and territories, as well as 12 countries. The adventure has included planes, trains, RV’s, boats, blizzards, hurricanes and volcanos.

Currently, I am taking in the beauty of Oregon while working on a few personal projects that have been on the back burner for way too long. At the same time, celebrating the release of several books authored by the marvelous Diana DelRusso, and illustrated by me. Check them out on the Books page.

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I've spent 20 years gaining experience in just about everything design related. I highlight a few below.



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