Challenge Coins & Pins

Challenge Coins & Pins

I have been designing Challenge Coins and Lapel Pins for 20 years! Each project is so unique!
I love working with service personnel to honor their achievements. I can work from existing logos
and patches, or roughly sketched and explained ideas. Sometimes I  simply listen to what you do,
and create a stunning piece appropriate to the occasion.
Whatever the case, I look forward to crafting a masterpiece for you.

Free Design – Free Shipping!

Challenge Coins

Many of my clients choose me to do their design, even when producing through another vendor. While that is totally fine, I also offer production and shipping of the final coins. I take care of the details, and you sit back and enjoy your coins. Contact me for a free quote anytime.

We start with 3mm thick iron or zinc blanks. Your custom design is stamped into the metal, and the coins are electroplated in your choice of finishes. Enamel is applied to all the colored areas of the coin, and an optional epoxy resin is applied. The coins are slipped into individual PVC envelopes and shipped to your door.

The entire process usually takes 3-4 weeks from first contact to delivery.

Free Design – Free Molds – Free Shipping!

Lapel Pins

Just like my challenge coins, I have years of experience creating beautiful lapel pins for all occasions. Simply reach out with your ideas, and I will be happy to put together the production artwork, ready for any supplier.

Of course, I am also a one stop shop for all your manufacturing needs. You can reach out for a free quote, and I’ll get you the best possible price on your order. I offer soft and hard enamel, full color printing, and military, magnetic and rubber backs.  You can choose from multiple finishes, and extras like faux gemstones and glow in the dark enamel. 

Creativity is my business. Contact me to see how we can work together.