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Nana's Precious Kittens

Filled with adventure, sorrow, and bittersweet joy, Nana's Precious Kittens takes a valuable look at love and life after loss.

When her beloved owner leaves on a trip, mother-to-be, Precious the cat, runs away to find her. Lost and alone, she bravely struggles to raise her brand new babies. Meanwhile, Precious's owner, Nana, returns home to launch a search for her wayward kittens.

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ABC and 123 with Andy and Cory

This early learning book is a 2 in 1 alphabet and counting adventure.
Come along with playful pups, Andy and Cory, while they show you a few of their favorite things!

Colorful illustrations and short sentences will keep little reader's attention, while Andy and Cory's adorable antics will make learning to read and count fun!

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my cousins, my friends - bilingual

This book is a tribute to all cousins in the world who love each other like best friends. Often times a small child's first best friend is a cousin. Sometimes a person doesn't meet a cousin until they are an adult. Either way, that connection can be so strong they become fast friends! They may realize they have much in common or see themselves in each other.

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Timothy tanglewood - the tale of a city mous

Timothy Tanglewood and his family live a life of ease in the wealthy Roosevelt house. However, all of that is about to change when the human family is forced to move. What will happen to the Tanglewoods when they are left on the street with the envious dumpster mice? Can Timothy Tanglewood save the day, or has he been too spoiled?

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