Book Illustration

Although I offer a wide variety of graphic design services, I have
a special place in my heart for Children’s Book Illustration.
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Author: Tracy Conti Potash

Grumpy Claus

This humorous Christmas story is a great addition to any holiday bookshelf. The funny illustrations give kids a lot to look at, as they watch the story unfold.

I Uh oh, Santa’s in trouble, and it’s two days before Christmas. Santa Claus got up on the wrong side of the bed. He’s stomping around NO – NO – NOING instead of HO – HO – HOING, scoffing at the elves and even scolding Rudolph. He’s just plain grumpy, throwing his famous red suit around and pushing his favorite cookies away; Santa Claus has turned into Grumpy Claus. But luckily, Mrs. Claus calls a family meeting with the elves and reindeer. Together they make a plan to bring Santa Claus back and save Christmas.

Phillippa & Rose Present

Come Join Us in Our Campervan

This book was so much fun to work on. Phillippa and Rose were involved every step of the way, from character development through text formatting .

I take pride in client satisfaction. That is going to mean different things to different authors. Sometimes an author will want to shoot me a manuscript, and approve updates along the way. Other times, clients may want to join the creative process in a more hands on way. Either way is fine for me!

These illustrations started as pencil sketches, with a few versions of each character. After a round of feedback, we hit the story board phase. I created these images in Adobe Photoshop on a sketched draft. The vibrant colors and textures make the illustrations pop.

Author: Diana DelRusso

My Cousins, My Friends

A lovely, heartfelt story about the special place cousins hold in our hearts. The analogy of branches and leaves on a family tree is easy for kids to understand .

Diana provided me with a wealth of beautiful photos to inspire the illustrations in My Cousins, My Friends. Her Italian heritage motivated her to offer this book in 3 bilingual options. It is available in English/Italian, English/Spanish and English French.

I always enjoy working with Diana. This is just one of several books we have completed together. All of the illustrations began as pencil drawings, with a first layer of color pencil. From there, I pulled them into Photoshop and added texturized color and detailing.

Author: Diana DelRusso

ABC & 123 with Andy and Cory

This early learning book is a 2 in 1 alphabet and counting adventure.
Come along with playful pups, Andy and Cory, while they show you a few of their favorite things!

Colorful illustrations and short sentences will keep little reader’s attention, while Andy and Cory’s adorable antics will make learning to read and count fun!
ABC & 123 with Andy and Cory is an adorable alphabet picture book.

Author: Diana DelRusso

Nana’s Precious Kittens

Follow Nana’s precious kittens through a story of survival, rescue, friendship, and love.
Filled with adventure, sorrow, and bittersweet joy, Nana’s Precious Kittens takes a valuable look at love and life after loss.

When her beloved owner leaves on a trip, mother-to-be, Precious the cat, runs away to find her. Lost and alone, she bravely struggles to raise her brand new babies. Meanwhile, Precious’s owner, Nana, returns home to launch a search for her wayward kittens.

Grab your copy today and let the adventure begin. Your support is also shared with animal shelters as part of the net proceeds of this book

Author: Uloma Chinwe Iro

Timothy Tanglewood

Timothy Tanglewood and his family live a life of ease in the wealthy Roosevelt house. However, all of that is about to change when the human family is forced to move. What will happen to the Tanglewoods when they are left on the street with the envious dumpster mice? Can Timothy Tanglewood save the day, or has he been too spoiled?.